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Source of Funds

I have been asked to provide information regarding the source of my funds that I use with you, is this a genuine request?
Yes, this is a genuine request that we will make if your account reaches certain thresholds.
Why am I being asked to provide proof of where my money has come from?
As an operator, licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, we have a licencing obligation to know that the source of the funds that customers use to with us is legitimate. Therefore, when certain limits and thresholds are reached, it may become necessary for us to ask customers to provide evidence to confirm the source of funds they use.
We do appreciate this may be the first time you have been asked for this information, but it is a clear licencing requirement from the UK Gambling Commission. K8 is not alone in seeking this type of information from customers, and it is likely that other betting operators will also request this information from you when your spend/play reaches certain levels.
What information should I send?
Full and complete pages of your bank statement that clearly shows a selection of deposits made to us, your income/s, payments, winnings and outgoings for the last 3 months.
Please note on some occasions we may ask for more information surrounding income such as a recent payslip
How will the information be used?
We would like to assure you that any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We have a dedicated team who perform the assessments. The information you provide will not be used by ourselves for any purpose other than to establish that the money you use to play comes from a legitimate source, and we can discharge our regulatory obligation.  We understand that you may find this intrusive and we also understand that many of our customers have quite complex financial affairs which make this a far from straightforward requirement to satisfy.  However, we must adhere to the UK Gambling Commissions licencing requirements.
What will happen if I do not send in proof of my source of funds?
Unfortunately if you cannot provide us with sufficient information, we will be unable to accept any further business from you. We would gladly reconsider this position if you are able to provide the requested information at any point in the future, so we truly hope that we can reach a mutually acceptable level of proof in the least intrusive fashion as we value your business.
How do I send my documents to you?
It is quick and easy to send this information to us, simply photograph, scan your document or attach a pdf version then email to